Why I started this website.

My name is Sterre Coenen, a woman from the Netherlands, and I started this website to share my personal ambitions in one place apart from all social media platforms. I believe social media is not who you are. You are what you do. That been said, at this website I share all information regarding projects where I put my efforts in, my thoughts, tips and tricks to help people and my drive to make an impact on society.

This is me under the Rhododendrons in Driene – Overijssel, the Netherlands.

Learning background

Life becomes somewhat more interesting when you start studying and are being released from you natural habitat. So, in 2014 I started to study Sociology at the University in Groningen and lived in this Northern city of the Netherlands for three years. During this period, I had some epiphanies what sticked to get to know who I am and what I love:

Guessing the right number to win the book called ”P.R.I.M.A. is perfect” from Astrid Davidzon. I had never read books regarding personal development but this was the first step towards the love and interest for educating yourself to make your life as good as it can get.

We had a course called ”Policy, Strategy and Leadership” given by Gabriël Anthonio. The way of thinking different about current institutions and your leadership behaviour inspired me so much that I noted for myself that I always want to think critically and act what is most humane.

Lastly, I specialised in work Sociology and I did a minor Psychology in Society. But that did not cover completely what I really loved. So, after that I decided to change plans and I applied for the master Public Administration at the University of Twente. That was the best decision ever.

What they say about the University of Twente is true, technology and innovation is head first. As you can see on the photo, I blossomed up. I learned about being entrepreneurial, know in theory and in practice what challenges governments face and thinking critical and differently.

If you are curious about what I exactly did you can visit my digital CV:

Enschede – Foto’s tbv ‘Werken bij’ webstie. I.o.v. Stefanie Maarssen. UT. Campus. Foto: Rikkert Harink RH20211111